I’ve started using Ansible for administrating

I’m having some minor issues with it but they are easy to fix. is expirencing some issues with API and I can’t get letsencrypt certificates since I use with dns_api mode, so no XMPP and E-mail for now. You can contact me with the same nickname at network is also very slow and makes everything 1000 times harder.

To test my Ansible playbook in production environment I reinstalled Debian to potentially fix some errors. I’ve made a mistake while making a backup and I didn’t have more up-to-date backups other than one that is month old… Very sad.

I’ve hosted some new services: Koub - Coub frontend, SkunkyArt - DeviantArt frontend, Biblioreads - Goodreads frontend. Syncplay is unavaiable for now and I don’t plan on restoring it.