In the past three months, much has happened. bloatcat.tk moved to Alpine Linux - a minimalistic and safe distributive that is ideally suited to the philosophy of the project. In connection with the re-examination of values and the move to Alpine Linux and the musl library, several frontends and services had to be abandoned (BreezeWiki, Libremdb, Lingva Translate, Piped, SearXNG, Wayback Classic, Yarn, Gemini, Whoogle) and I had to redesign the main index page.

On the other hand, new frontends and new services have emerged (Binternet, GoToSocial) and, in general, the speed of services has increased because of lower services and lightweight of Alpine.

Soon, it may be possible to add a Mumble server that will be on the VPS near Finland. In the process of writing, a large wiki about the project and how to raise similar projects is being created.

There was an idea to change the domain from bloatcat.tk to bloat.cat, but it’s more of a plan for the future when the money comes.

But the most important thing is that bloatcat.tk is no longer just one person’s project - a second administrator gospodin (subscribe on Fediverse if you want to cry and laugh at memes - @gospodin@gts.bloatcat.tk) appeared, who helped with the move to Alpine and has already made an invaluable contribution to the project’s development.

We’ve added ourselves to almost all public lists, added donation links, and created a page for “Cool Stuff”.

In fact, a lot more has happened and it’s important to write about it more often in the blog. The future of the project is uncertain because unfortunately, money is not infinite. But now I’m confident that the project will live longer, thanks in part to the second admin.